Umeshu (Japanese Plum wine)



  • 1kg Unripe Ume

  • 1kg Rock Ice
    (between 500g to 1kg is good for 1kg Ume. 1kg is become sweet Umeshu)

  • 1.8L White liquor

  • Equipment
  • A large glass jar with a tight-fitting lid

  • Paper towel ( or clean regular kitchen towel )

  • A toothpick


  • Wash a jar with hot water for sterilization and dry it well
  • Wash each Ume gently
  • Soak Ume in the water for 2- 4 hours (this step is for remove ‘aku'(harshness) from Ume)
  • Drain well and dry each Ume using paper towel
  • Take out stems of Ume using toothpick
  • Place ume first in the jar and put rock sugar over Ume
  • Make layer of Ume and rock sugar
  • pour while liquor over Ume
  • Shut the lid and store a dark, cool, dry place
  •  It ready after 3 month but longer you wait it become more tasty
    *shake the jar slowly once a while to mix everything up
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