Harvesting a banana in our farm

We have a few banana tree when we move to this house. Since Howie found out how to grow it and now banana tree are doing good.
Last week finally the banana begin yellow and time to pick it from the tree. This banana is a smaller than normal banana you can buy in the store. This banana is a little sticky and little sweet sour than normal banana but really taste good. Once it show black spot on the banana, stuff it is ripe and time to eat.
Since banana tree are not strong for wind, it is not easy to harvesting banana. This year my husband made it work and a lots more are comming!

I made this cake with my son Shai, and came really good.

Banana Cake

Hundred ways to eat Bitter Melon (Goya)

Hundred-ways-to -eat-Bitter-Melon -Goya

Bitter melon is easy to grow. Since my husband make a lots bitter melon our farm, sick my job is find out how to eat.
In this summer, we eat the bitter melon almost everyday. tried to take out the bitter tast from the bitter melon as much as possible.

Here is the recipe which I came up with. Will update more recipe.

Bitter melon Tempra
Bitter melon stir fry
Dried Bitter melon
Dried sweet bitter melon