Sweet Potato Pudding


Cooking Time : 1 hour, hospital Serving : 18cm cake baking Pan, Category : Dessert, Vegetable Dessert


  •  Sweet Potato – 250g
  •  Sugar – 40g
  • soy milk or regular milk – 150cc


  1. Cut sweet potato in to small cube
  2. Boil sweet potato for 10-15 minutes until it tener
  3. Put Sweet potato and half of soy milk (or regular milk) into food
    processer and mix well
  4. Mix 2 eggs and sugar well in a large bowl
  5. Add rest of soy milk (or regular milk) into No.4 mixture and add No.3
    mixture and mix well
    make caramel sauce
  6. Pour caramel sauce in to baking pan
  7.  Pour sweet potato mixture over the caramel sauce
  8. Bake 40 min on 200°C oven
  9. Put folk into sweet potato mixture and if nothing come with folk it
    completely cook
    take out from oven and cool down and put refrigerator until serving time