My name is Akiko. I am Japanese and married American husband and we have 7years old and 2 month old sons. Now we are living small Island called Tanegashima (Tane Island) in Japan. I am trying to cook a meal good for my family as much as possible using from the farm. Eating good food are really important to growing for kids but I believe that more important things are enjoying each meal with your family, cialis friends, someone important for you. Hopefully my recipes will give you a extra happiness for your meal time.

I was born in Nara Japan and grow up in same place. Now I am married with wonderful American husband Howie Hayman and have 2 wonderful sons Shai and Lael. When I got married I and my husband was live in San Diego California. After I give a birth to Shai, We decided to move back to Japan close to my parents. We stay in Nara for 5 years and Howie and I become able to work at home, we decided to another move to different place. We wanted to somewhere warmer than Nara and was thinking maybe island are really good option.
My husband researched a lot of place and found out this island. Tanegashima have a beautiful beaches, rockets launch, nice park etc…  Now we have a 3 farms to grow stuff. My husband growing many diffrent vegiies.
Since we grow most of vegiies ourself, I am really enjoying cooking veggie meal and try to cook different taste.

My Family
Howie – My husband. He changed my whole life.
Shai – My order son. Very intelligent and funny, kind, have a great sense of humor.
Lael – My younger son. Very sweet baby always makes me smile.

My cooking
All recipe on this site is I made for my family and also my mother cook for me, my sister and her husband. Mainly Japanese food.